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There are situations in everyone’s life that require more money from us. That is why non-bank loans over the internet at Wacashe are a godsend for all problems. It is true that no payday loan is borrowed for such amounts as bank loans, but it gives the opportunity to “inject” cash in a short time and without leaving home. A cash loan without any tedious formalities that go to our account within a dozen or so minutes is not a problem anymore. It is hard to ignore such an offer.

Instant decision, Request a bad credit loan online 

Bad credit loans granted over the internet via packages are becoming more and more popular every year. Customers appreciate not only the speed of transactions, discretion, and convenience but also the possibility of using the first bad credit loan for free.

It would seem that Polish clients prefer personal contact with the lender when using financial services. Meanwhile, fast online loans at non-bank companies like Wacashegive you the chance to receive extra cash without waiting in long queues. It is enough that we have access to the Internet and the payday loan will instantly reach our account. The high popularity of non-bank loans is also due to the fact that they are more available than bank loans. What’s more, they do not require going through a lengthy credit process, with an even longer waiting time for a decision.

Loan offer for new customers

At Wacashe, fast and trouble-free online loans are particularly profitable for new customers. Why? Unlike most lenders, when we take the payday loan for the first time, we receive it without any additional fees, interest or even commissions. Due to the fact that we will pay back the debt incurred on time, we will refund only the amount we borrowed.

In fact, when other loan companies set limits for their regular customers, Wacashegives you the opportunity to obtain a loan of up to PLN 15,000 the second time. This is indeed a large amount that we can have on our account at a rapid pace. What’s more, loan applications are reviewed within a few minutes, so that in less than a quarter of an entire amount was at our disposal.

Fast, easy and convenient… the first loan at Wacashe

All newly registered borrowers at Wacashe can count on the first cash loan up to a maximum of PLN 2,500, with a 30-day repayment period. This is enough to cover sudden and unexpected needs. Even if we settle it on time, there are no contraindications to reach for another. We also have the option of paying back the loan ahead of time.

What about problems with paying off debts? In this situation, it is possible to refinance the payday, which is its rolling under the new law. After submitting the application for an extension of the period for 14 or 30 days, we must make a small payment for launching this service. Thanks to this, we will have more time to settle our debt. In case of any problems, it’s always worth using the Wacashe Financecustomer service.

A reliable customer = a number of benefits. Another payday on Wacashe

A reliable customer = a number of benefits. Another payday payday on Wacashe

Trying to get another loan from Wacashe, the cash you borrow can be for a much higher amount, but it will come at a price. Depending on the amount, the cost for the payday pay will be around 8-25% of the funds borrowed. Importantly, Wacashe offers its regular customers discounts in the Loyalty Program, up to -50%.

In most non-bank companies, it is not easy to get a loan of up to PLN 15,000. There are no limits for Wacashe. When other lenders apply the quota thresholds for subsequent payday loans, in Wacashe you can apply for the maximum amount for the second loan. This is definitely good news for customers who need a quick “injection” of cash.

How do you apply for a Wacashe loan?

How do you apply for a Wacashe loan?

The whole process of applying for additional cash is much simpler and faster than in stationary banking companies. It is limited to setting up an account on the official Wacashe website, filling in personal data, followed by instant verification and payment of the loan to the customer’s account. First, we use the sliders to choose the amount that interests us and the repayment period. Then we will be redirected to the information form, in which it is necessary to provide personal data, including the mobile phone number and the bank account to which the transfer will be made. To confirm the credibility and identity, the client performs a symbolic verification transfer for 1 penny. Then specialists from Wacashe, within a few minutes examine the application.

On the other hand, regular customers have this task significantly simplified. Because it is enough that they log in to their client profile and go to a specific tab, in which they inform about the desire to take another payday loan.

A loan at Wacashe for everyone?

A loan at Wacashe for everyone?

Wacashe, as a responsible company with many years of experience, primarily values ​​customer safety, ensuring that they do not fall into an additional spiral of debt. Therefore, to be able to apply for a quick payday loan, it is enough that:

  • you are between 20-70 years old and you are a Polish citizen,
  • you do not have debt in repayment of loans and you do not appear in the register of debtors,
  • you have an ID, mobile phone and personal account.

Without any additional formalities, long queues and stressful waiting for the decision, we can get additional financial support, which will improve our home budget.

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